COVID-19 Mask Mandate

The health and safety of CACS staff and clients is our first priority. All CACS staff, visitors, and clients will be required to wear a mask inside CACS locations.
This policy goes into effect, Tuesday, September 28, 2021, and will remain in effect until changed by the Board of Director’s action.

Property Tax Foreclosure Prevention

Through free, low-barrier access to financial literacy education and support, Capital Area Community Services, Inc.’s Property Tax Foreclosure Prevention projects will help participants focus on saving their home from property tax foreclosure through opportunities that do not include predatory lending. This will be accomplished by establishing a payment plan (acceptable to both the participant and the County Treasurer) – some including advocating for low interest lines of credit, educating each household in managing and increasing income, reducing debt to better utilize income, and decreasing dependency on external interventions and assistance (such as Payday loans).

All Participants will be offered and/or receive:

  • One-on-One Financial Counseling and Goal Setting, Credit Repair, Debt Reduction, Banking/Savings
  • Establishment of Property Tax Payment Plan
  • Establishment of low interest loans through a partnering Credit Union to avoid utilization of Payday loans
  • Linkages to other community resources and services


CACS is partnering with local County Treasurer’s Offices to:

  • Receive referrals for eligible homeowners facing Property Tax Foreclosure
  • Provide one-on-one financial counseling
  • Link homeowners with other Agency supports, such as:
    • Home heating assistance and Weatherization
    • Enrollment in the commodity food program(s)
    • Other referrals/linkages for needs as they become apparent
  • Link homeowners with external supports, such as:
    • Free tax preparation – including Homestead Property Tax Credit claims
    • Enrollment with MSHDA’s Step Forward Michigan
    • MDHHS’s Home Ownership Services
    • State/Local Hardship Provisions


CACS currently partners with two local Credit Unions, CASE Credit Union and Lake Trust Credit Union (with the expectation of expanding to include additional banking providers), to:

  • Provide referrals for low interest loans to address the Property Taxes due
  • Assist homeowners currently without homeowner’s insurance to obtain adequate and appropriate insurance coverage(s)
  • Advocate on behalf of participants whose credit scores may prohibit access to typical lines of credit
  • Assist participants to break any existing Payday lending cycle


Participants will be actively and supportively connected with available services through MDHHS (SER, SNAP, cash benefits, etc.), TCOA, and any other local resource for which they may be eligible.